Thursday, January 1, 2009

Super Posts... At Least They're My Favorite :-)

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Now for the Super Posts!

I can teach you how to make your own mail sorter using things you already have around your house! You can do it!

Check out these thrifty toy storage ideas.

I've done tons of diy projects for my son's puppy nursery. See how I made cute wall hangings, and transformed a hippo to a puppy. I also sewed my own crib set, bouncy chair cover, & co-sleeper cover!

I materialized a mudroom out of our entryway closet. Check it out!

I paint on anything and everything, from dishes to coffee tables. Sometimes, I'm even traditional to paint on a canvas or 2 ;-)

I love to repurpose things. See how we made our dining room table into a coffee table!

I spend practically nothing on decorating. Don't believe me? Let me count the ways I do it ;-)

I like to bake and decorate cake, although I'm really an amateur... but I don't let that stop me! I also love to throw parties. Check out some elegant party ideas here, or some cutesier ideas here.

I love to craft, and think presents are so much more meaningful when they are handmade. Here's an idea for making someone a special wedding present they'll remember forever, and here's an idea for a unique baby present. :-)

Although I'm really bad at organization, I have blogged about some organizational ideas that help me out. Some of my favorite organizational posts are about organizing your DVDs, setting boundaries for toys, and organizing your baby bag.

I also love to post about seasonal stuff. Here's a St. Valentine's Day idea. Also, check out some of my Easter ideas like teaching your children the true meaning of Easter through DIY Resurrection Eggs, or check out my thrifty Easter posts and learn how to make your own egg dye, and make some affordable basket stuffers! And don't miss St. Patrick's Day games and party ideas!

We used to own a house, and we fixed it up ourselves. The only professionals we hired were for laying the carpet. Check out the before and after pictures!

Thanks for checking out The Masked Mommy! I hope to see you around. You know how all of us bloggers thrive on comments and followers ;-)

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