Monday, April 20, 2009

75th Birthday Party

I never got a chance to share with you guys how my Nana's 75 birthday party went! You'll notice the pictures concentrate on the decorations. That's because the decorations is what I was in charge of. :-) haha!

The centerpiece we made from my punch bowl. It's the kind that can turn around and also work as a cake plate. I just filled it with water, then added a few drops of food coloring and floating candles. The wreath was leftover from my wedding, and we already had the lights. So this centerpiece just cost us $3 (for the floating candles).

This idea came from out there in blog land. I've seen people turn wine glasses upside down and put all kids of stuff underneath! The trick to getting the tinsel in is to fill the glass, cover with thin cardboard, turn it over where you want it, then pull the cardboard out from under it. Otherwise, you'll just go crazy!

These are the world's yummiest cookies!
I made them from scratch for the party.

Isn't this place beautiful? I think the party turned out nice enough to be an aqua wedding reception!

These were the centerpieces for the tables. We had the plastic plates left from my brother's wedding, so we just put a candle in each one and filled it with some decorative rocks from the Dollar Tree.

We also reserved a table for ourselves. ;-)

We used random pieces of ribbon everywhere to add to the ambiance.

My mom made a photo montage of pictures from my Nana's life. It played continuously on a TV on the gift table.

We also had these pictures stuck into this flower arrangement (also leftover from my wedding). Our party was kinda "Nana themed" with aqua accents ;-)

We ordered the cake, although you can see the cake I made her for our family party here.

We also had a live band with dancing and lots of good food, but I wasn't in charge of any of that :-)


Brenda said...

So pretty! The decorations are gorgeous - love all the ribbon. The color scheme is so nice too!

Jen said...

That was so nice and I'm sure very special for your your family. I loved seeing all of the photos and your fabulous decorations!


Holly Noelle said...

Beautiful! And inspiring! I've squirreled some of those ideas away for when I host a party someday. :)

Linda C said...

Everything looks so nice! And I love the hanging ribbon idea- I'm gonna stick that one in my back pocket and pull it out for a party sometime:)

Your Nana must have felt so loved and special with all the beauty and love around her!

Great job-- thanks for showing us how!

Linda C