Monday, January 19, 2009

The Masked Mommy's Utility Belt (aka diaper bag)

Every superhero needs a way to organize their weapons of choice. Isn't this baby bag a work of beauty? But it didn't start out this way!

With this amount of disorganization, I needed a change...

*Baby Bag Tips for the Overwhelmed*
  1. The more disorganized you are, the more things you need to have in your baby bag. For instance, I always keep sunblock in the bag because I'm not going to remember to add it for outings. It even stays in all winter.
  2. My son wears size 3 diapers, my daughter wears size 5. However, I only keep size 5 diapers in the bag because they will work on both and it's too hard to keep both sizes stocked.
  3. Every toy in the bag should pass "Church Toy Rules" because I'm not organized enough to switch the toys out. That means nothing that has batteries, rattles, or squeaks. Also, nothing that would make a loud noise when hitting the floor. Toys that crinkle are fine. Small stuffed animals and teethers are best.
  4. I always keep one pair of baby sized shoes in the bag. We're always rushing out of the door in such chaos that it's easier to put his shoes on when we get wherever we're going.
  5. A&D Ointment. It's amazing on diaper rash, but also treats minor scrapes & burns, chapped lips, & dry skin. Therefore, way more useful than Balmex.
  6. A small blanket serves many purposes. These include (but are not limited to) nursing cover, spit up rag, coat, and changing pad. In a pinch, it will even suffice as a "change of clothes". In a real pinch, I suppose it may even serve as a diaper. (Once, we had to make my daughter a "paper towel diaper". Told you I was disorganized.)
Hip Hip Hooray for a Newly Organized Baby Bag!
Some new additions to my baby bag include play dough (to keep my toddler occupied in waiting rooms etc), a tiny first aide kit, and my new water bottle with a built in filter!

I also just added in a sanitary pad. You never know when that fertility is going to return. By the way, I just LOVE my ability to say anything when I'm wearing my mask!

Now when I'm off to the Mommymobile, I can be assured I have everything I need!


Messy Jessy said...

Nice job! I gets even trickier when there are undies in the mix.


Elisabeth said...

I like your idea of keeping the same things in your diaper bag at all times (like the toys). My diaper bag usually was a mish-mash of receipts, dirty diapers (sometimes! ugh!!) and other miscellany.

That's funny about the paper towel diaper. Great job, once again!