Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mod Podge Mania!

Xazmin is having a Mod Podge Mania party today where we all get to show off a mod podge project! Her blog is so awesome, I just had to play ;-) In fact, I forgot about it until last night, and then wandered around my house looking for something to share. Well... I've found the perfect thing!

I'm kinda cheating though because I didn't make this myself (although Xazmin said that was ok). It was a wedding present to me. This is the best do it yourself wedding present ever! It is a very thrifty project to do, and it is sure to be cherished by the bride and groom for years to come! Well... the bride anyway. Hehe!

Here's my Wedding Candle!

When my friend came to our wedding, she took a few programs, then used them to mod podge a keepsake wedding candle for us! See the original program?

In this picture you can see she cut out some of the individual rings and flowers to place around the top and bottom. They're layered on. She did such a beautiful job!

This side has my invitation.

Here's the original invitation. She didn't use the background from my invitation, only the velum overlay with the words on it.

She even used the bow from her invitation we sent her. So cute!

Who doesn't need a DIY wedding present idea in today's economy? Click here to see some recipes for making your own mod podge (which makes this project even thriftier!)

*Disclaimer* I have no idea whether or not you should actually light the candle :-) I've had mine for 4 years, and it's holding up well, but it hasn't ever been lit. However, the lady who gave it to me said that she lights hers every year on her anniversary during dinner. If I were to make one of these myself, I'd use a really mega fat candle. That way, the outside never burns down anyhow. Hope your creative cogs are turning! You could do this same thing with a birth announcement, a prayer, a photograph- the possibilities are endless!

Thanks for hosting, Xazmin!

And for any of you who love a chance to link up, come back tomorrow to link up your cabinet posts for our Cabinet Powwow!


Xazmin said...

LOVE the candle!! What a wonderful idea! I bet it is something you really cherish...you won't forget who gave you that gift any time soon!

Thanks for sharing and I will be working hard today so I can link up for tomorrow's Cabinet Powwow!


jenjen said...

That candle is great! It would be fun to do that to any candle. What a great idea for a present for someone!



Tanielle said...

What a super great idea! Something to cherish for sure!

Have a great day!


Maridith said...

The candle is an excellent idea. So glad you shared this with all of us. We have 3 weddings to go to this summer and I might just have to do this since the budget it very tight!!

BTW- LOVE your About me!! You are so funny!! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful day

Amy said...

What a nice way to have your big day with you forever. I love all of the cleaning you have done.

janet said...

love the candle, what a special gift

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Such a sweet sentiment...I never would have thought to do that!