Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution Turned Spring Cleaning

I made a lot of New Year's Resolutions this year. Cleaning my house was on the top of my list! I just wanted our house to have the basics- you know. Clean dishes in the cabinets. A living room you could walk through without tripping. Bathrooms that weren't growing stuff. I'm succeeding, but it's taking time. Therefore, my New Year's Resolutions have become Spring Cleaning (you gotta go with the punches ;-)

For any new visitors today, my blog was created after I was bitten by the New Year's Resolution Bug and gained superpowers allowing me to take the steering wheel of my life back into my own hands.

I have made a lot of progress in my house, so now I am moving on to places in my home that never see the light of day. I think that's what Spring cleaning is all about, right? Finding the motivation to clean things that are left unclean for the remainder of the year.

This is a picture of our third bedroom that I shove random stuff into and then close the door. I think I'm hoping to create an illusion of having control of my life, and I attempt to pretend this room does not exist. As a result, my kids are sharing a bedroom.

So I got in there and mixed it up a little! I actually did this all in one day, and got back to the original layer of junk... the stuff that has never been unpacked even though we have lived here for almost a year.

Could anyone even tell there was an arm chair back there before? I know I had forgotten! Lol!

When taking on a job this big, I always designate 3 spaces (usually in boxes). 1 for give away, 1 for throw away, and one for put away. I was really shocked how small my "put away" pile was. Goes to show that we all just hang onto too much stuff. It makes me so happy to just get the junk out of my house! In case you were wondering, this "3 piles" system comes directly from the Fly Lady.

Sigh. Now I just need to unpack the Great Wall of... honestly, I don't know what the heck all this stuff is. I haven't opened any of these boxes in years. You think I should purge some stuff???

My goal is to have everything unpacked before we move again... and our lease is up in June. For me, Spring Cleaning has only begun!

Don't forget- If you've been Spring Cleaning any of your cabinets, come by here to link up your posts tomorrow for my Cabinet Powwow! :-)


Brenda said...

I know it seems like ALOT of work now, but just think how light your load will be in June!

You inspire me with your cleaning and positive attitude!

Tami said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now and I'm quite amazed by how well you are doing! Keep it up!

Do you actually use the FlyLady system or just make up your own rules as you go?

That Girl said...

moving again in June? You are a super hero!

Shelly said...

Way to go! I bet it feels amazing!

dg darling said...

I say if you honestly haven't looked in those boxes for years, chuck em without opening them! You'll just be tempted to keep things that obviously you haven't needed and most likely won't ever need again. You've been doing so great! You inspire me...

Kendra said...

Thanks for partying with me! I love your "pow" symbols on your before and after photos! I need to get me some super powers to get on top of everything I need to do!

Good job tackling that room! Sometimes it is just so overwhelming to even know where to start. I think I need to get back on the Flylady bandwagon.

Thanks again for participating in the party. I'll announce the winner of the gloves later this week!

Jen said...

My storage room looks like your before photo. It is filled with boxes of teaching supplies from when I was working on top of our "junk"! Overwhelming! Also, my bedroom has become a storage room of sorts for hiding stuff. Someday, I hope to have my bedroom back- a place that is peaceful to go to at night!

On a positive note: I brought a huge bag of stuff and boxes of toys and books to charity yesterday. Yeah!

Have a great day and thanks again for inspiring me!!

Creative and Curious Kids!

Mocha said...

Wow! One way to clean things up is to provide some storage boxes for your belongings. This will help you segregate the things that are alike in size and form.

Sandy said...

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