Saturday, March 7, 2009

No Cake For Me, Thanks!

So here are some pictures of the cupcakes I made for all the recent birthdays in my life. Of course, my diet didn't let me eat any of them, but I had fun licking my fingers while I worked ;-)

These were for the hubby. I love my cupcake stand!
(Got it at Goodwill of course! ;-)

These are gourmet liquorices on top. I thought these were some fairy masculine cupcakes. I mean, as masculine as cupcakes can be at least...

And these were for my daughter's 3rd birthday.The tea set was part of her present from us. She loved it!

The tea set also came from Goodwill. The teapot was .99 the tray was .89 and the cups were .59/teacup. Those are mini cupcakes that I put into big papers before dropping them into the teacups. We were going to have a whole tea party for her this year, but it didn't work out since my kids were really contagious with RSV at the time. Maybe later this Spring!

It was hard to say "NO!" to eating these cakes, but it feels super good to be down a pant size!


Alicia said...

Those cupcakes look so yummy! You did a great job on them!

Sharon said...

You are so talented!! I am impressed! :)
And kudos on the bargains. Wow.
I'd love to go shopping with you.

Holly Noelle said...

I love that you served your daughters cupcakes IN HER PRESENT! That's so clever and awesome...clawesome?

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Great looking cupcakes! I love the tea party idea with the cupcakes in the tea cups...makes for a great presentation. My daughter will be having a tea party/dress up for her 3rd birthday, so maybe I'll have to borrow your idea.

Great job in saying NO to the cupcakes and congrats on being down a pant size. What a great accomplishment.

Jen said...

Awesome cupcakes! I'll be having a tea party in April. (I'll need to keep the goodwill in mind.) I love my cupcake stand, too. I'm jealous because I spent too much on mine from a home interior party!

A little behind on my closet cleaning. Hubby's fault! How dare he get appendicitis this week and have to have an emergency surgery and have it removed!! On a serious note- he's healing up well, so I'll be back to my closets soon!

Creative and Curious Kids!

Xazmin said...

You go mommy! Congrats on the pant size loss! Mine are getting pretty baggy too, but I am SO. HUNGRY! And by hungry I mean I want me some nachos, choc. cake, bbq ribs, french fries - ooh how 'bout a nice bacon cheese burger? This is how I torcher myself!

I need a slap in the face! The cupcakes in tea set is way adorable - I love it!

michelle said...

Love the cupcake stand! I've got to find a goodwill!