Thursday, March 5, 2009

Closet Powwow!!!

Lets Powwow with our closet posts!!! Check out my closet progress, then link up with yours!

My expectations for myself were a little high given how crazy my month was. I didn't get all my closets done yet, but I did get the linen closet done. It really is about progress, and boy am I ever making progress!

So here's what I started with. That's a big mess.
So I pulled everything out and started from scratch!

I think labels are really important in a linen closet. Mostly because when you need some sheets, you don't want to have to unfold them to see if they're double or single. Also because you don't want to put something away in the wrong place to begin with. It's nice to have labels in the kitchen, but lets face it, I know where my plates go. But are those crib sheets or bed skirts??? The answer is labels.

Of course, I have no label maker, but I was equipped with plenty of file labels.
When I do get a label maker, it's going right on my utility belt...

Top 2 Shelves

Middle 2 Shelves

Bottom 2 Shelves

Go Go Gadget Closet!
(Yes, I have trained my closet to self-organize
now in order to save time in the future...)

I got rid of all the stuff in the closet that we never used and replaced it with all useful stuff from the "linens" bag (see this post about my recent laundry sorting). It feels so good to look in the closet and see how organized I am capable of being!

And the world will never know... ;-)

Anyone curious about our theme for March? Cabinets! So come back April 1st to link up your cabinet posts! And thank you to all of my awesome sidekicks out there (you!) who keep me going! Without you, my linen closet would most certainly still be a total disaster! Thank you for helping me return peace and order to our home one step at a time ;-)

What have you amazing women out there been accomplishing? I want to see it! Link as many closet posts as you like. Old or new, I don't care. Just inspire me :-) More info about linking here. Thanks! ;-)

The Masked Mommy


Michelle Sybert said...

The Masked Mommy did it again!

Xazmin said...

You rock! Only - I've failed, so I can't link up!! But I am so on board for cupboards. At least one set!!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Although I'm sure my closets could use a little sprucing up, I dug back in my archives to share what I've done in the past. Thanks for hosting. Your closet makeover looks awesome! Great idea using labels...yes, a label maker would look nice on your tool belt. ;)

Messy Jessy said...

Clutter Knocked OUT! Nice work!

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

Okay, better late than never - perfectionist I am not but it my own organized chaos instead of just chaos-chaos as it was before. Thanks for the motivation!