Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Tired of Being Fat!

As you can see, my Valentin's Day Diet is going well!
I'm still counting Weight Watcher points, and I love the system.

I'm under 200 pounds now! Incredible!!!

Recap: I've been dieting for 2 1/2 weeks now. I've lost a total of 11 pounds. ELEVEN!!! Do you know how many sticks of butter that is??? 44! I have seriously taken 44 sticks of butter off of my body!

You know how you want to let yourself eat whatever you want for "special occasions"? Well... everything keeps seeming like a "special occasion" for me.

Special Occasions Since starting my diet:
  1. Valentine's Day (obviously since I started my diet on Valentine's Day)
  2. My Daughter's Birthday
  3. My Husband's Birthday
  4. Celebrating my Husband's Birthday for a second time
  5. Having out-of-town guests for a weekend
  6. Eating out at a fancy restaurant
  7. Snow Day (Maybe this doesn't sound like much of a special occasion to you, but I had to skip on both hot cocoa and snow ice cream)
But I've still managed to loose 11 pounds. Why? Because I am in control. Even when you feel like you can't be in control, you can.

But it's very VERY hard. Really hard. Incredibly hard. Yep. The only thing that keeps me going is keeping in mind how much I HATE being fat!!! I hate when I look down and I can feel my neck rolls. I hate my humongo boobs. I hate the big nasty flap of fat on my stomach (to be fair, some of this is skin from pregnancy, but still) I hate it when my clothes don't fit. I hate trying on 4 different outfits in the morning before I can find something I don't feel "that fat" in. I hate staring at myself in the mirror and thinking "how did I let this happen?". I hate standing on the scale and feeling ashamed. I hate being embarrassed by my weight. Remembering these things gives me the power to say "NO!"
  • NO! I don't need seconds!
  • NO! I don't need a huge piece of birthday cake!
  • NO! I'm not going to order that entree soaking in a butter bath!
  • NO! I'm not going to finish this when I know I'm already full!
  • NO! I'm not hungry!
  • Just NO!
It also feels really good that my clothes are getting looser. Of course, my spandex super suit is still skin tight. That material is surprisingly stretchy ;-)

So my New Years Resolutions are going well. Weight is coming off, and clutter is moving out. However, I'm going out of town on Friday. I'll be gone for over 2 weeks. But I am NOT letting go of this diet. I just can't! It's going to be hard while traveling, but I can make it happen! (can you tell I'm trying to convince myself???)

PS. I know this is a lot of posts in one day, but I didn't have the internet last week from Thursday until Sunday. It was crazy!!! I thought I might die! Haha!


Alicia said...

That is awesome! I have to start thinking like you. I too ask all those questions to myself. I recently started WW and love the point system. However, I have only been able to weigh in once (maybe I need to get my own scale...there is an idea!)because the hole family has been sick for the last 6 wks it seems.

Anways...congrats on your weight loss!

Courtney said...

GREAT JOB!!! Wow, that is hard with all the special things going on!

It seems like I am right there with you! I started 3 weeks ago, but have not lost as much! I am down to 191.4!

Maybe we can help keep each other motivated!

Michelle Sybert said...

you inspire me!

I am going to get back on weight watcher's I loved it! there was a serious lack of support, but, I'm gonna go for it!

Courtney said...

I have enjoyed the craft booth. I started with just hairbows, expanded to baby items, and then onto fun toys for kiddos. I think it has evolved so much because I can't handle doing the same thing over and over! I have made more bibs and burp clothes than any one person should ever have to make! I will not miss that part at all! :)

Cindy said...

Hello! I found your blog through the weigh in at Real Life Sarah's. I LOVE THIS POST! You should be a motivational speaker, lol. You said all the things I think but am too chicken to say. I WANT to lose weight, but I don't want to stop eating. It seems so hard, but I am trying one day at a time. I've lost three pounds so far, but it's taken a long time...too long. I'm glad to have found your blog and will be back again!

Sharon said...

Congrats!!! 11 pounds is awesome!
And boy can I relate. Trying on clothes is the worst. I have a closet full of things I can't fit into.
I just said yesterday (trying on something at Target) that I really need to commit to WW again. It truly works. I KNOW it does. I just can't find the willpower.

Keep up the good work! Do you have a reward for yourself in mind? They always suggested that at the meeting I went to. It helps!

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

Congratulations! You're doing awesome on your diet. I am not doing so great with the eating but I'm definitely getting more exercise in so that's a huge change for me. This was a great post - I, too, have too many special occasions in my life. I keep trying to remind myself that it's not the last time I'm going to see food!!

Sarah said...

VERY well said! You should be so proud of yourself! I'm going to read this post whenever I get discouraged!

Brenda said...

Awesome for you! I started WW again this week also. I kept waking up every morning thinking how puffy my face looked & finally realized it is just fat, not puffy! haha

Chubbie Chica said...

You are off to a great start! Good for you! I have a hard time staying on the plan but I attempt every week. You can go check out my menu's (including your WW points) on my blog if you would like!

Good Luck,
Shannan a.k.a. Chubbie Chica