Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Diet Starts on Monday...

One of my superpowers is my super human ability to procrastinate. Not sarcastically, I really mean that. I have this ability to put things off until the last possible second, but then still get them done. In other words, I don't over procrastinate.

Well, I have never been a small person. And now I have the extra weight of 2 pregnancies on me. Nice. I don't want to over procrastinate and get pregnant again before I'm in shape. The time is now.

Those of you who have ever been on a diet know that the diet always starts on Monday. Well, ironically enough, that has never worked for me...

So I'm breaking the diet rules!
  1. I'm starting on a Saturday (I mean, who starts a diet on Saturday?!)
  2. I'm starting on a Holiday (Who diets on holidays?!)
  3. I'm starting on a holiday that revolves around romantic dinners and boxes of chocolates (Wow!)

Here's my line of thought. If I can make it through today, Valentine's Day, I can make it through any day! I think the only day it might be more challenging to stay on a diet would be my birthday!

Battling the Loch Ness Laundry and how it translates to my battle with the Munchie Monster...

I have never ever been on top of our laundry. Historically, all the laundry is dirty accept for what's in the dryer, and what's piled on top of the dryer. Seriously.

I thought I might never get on top of my laundry. I put in load after load, not able to notice the first dent. The only thing that kept me going was my promise to post laundry success at the end of the month. But I wasn't as successful as I had hoped. I had to give up on getting the clothes put away... that's why February turned into closet month.

My hallway was filled with dirty clothes...

Then one afternoon, I looked down my hallway, and I saw it...

The pile got smaller, and smaller, and smaller!
Soon there were more clean clothes than dirty ones!

Then the pile was gone completely. Poof!

So, here's what it boils down to. Some people have more natural instincts for organization. The rest of us have to fight all of our natural born instincts in an uphill battle at all times to get organized. However, it is possible!

Being thin isn't just for the genetically lucky or the metabolistically blessed... it's for anyone who wants it bad enough! Some of us may have to work harder than others, but it is within our reach! My secret identity has never wanted it badly enough. Luckily, The Masked Mommy is here to make the Munchie Monster fall flat on his fat butt!

Weight loss is step 2 of my New Year's Resolution journey (step one was making our house "company ready") Organization will continue. Thank goodness for my superpowers, but mostly for you, my sidekicks!

So I hereby declare war
on the Munchie Monster! If he doesn't surrender, than may he rest in peace!!!

Good thing I ate my Valentine's Day cinnamon rolls yesterday. But you go ahead and enjoy yours... your diet can start on Monday!


Xazmin said...

You can do it! We really are to peas in a pod, aren't we? Let's chat often about our progress!!

Pam said...

Way to go MM! I have gained too much weight lately too. It just seemed to creep up out of nowhere. I've tried everything almost. You're right though, the majority of the success of losing weight depends on a persons willpower. I commend you for starting your weight loss quest on valentines day.

Shop Without Money Sisters said...

I want to join in on your weight-loss efforts. I need support and I could use some with a little humor. Are you going to blog daily (about the ups and downs) or weekly. Can we link our posts with tips we've discovered or when we plain old fall of the get the idea...I am a 35-year-old mom of 2, breast cancer survivor, who spent most of a 3 year period pregnant, nursing, mourning the loss of the twins from my 2nd pregnancy who died after being delivered early at 21 weeks, being diagnosed while prego with my daughter (3rd pregnancy) and still had an-almost 3-year-old at home. The gist is...I did not spend a lot of time, nor did I have time to focus on myself and what would help make me healthy. And then I got kind of depressed, experimented with about 20 different anti-depressents, mood stabilizers, etc. (of course in a psychiatrist's care) and gained lots of weight from those drugs. I was slinking back into semi-decent shape when my grandmother died and then I just went off the wall with my holiday eating. One way was having no desire to plan or cook a meal or deal with the cleanup that went with it, so we kept eating out a lot....And I don't as a rule, order grilled chicken salads when I'm out at a anyway, I'm sure I just made a short story long but I enjoy your blog and the way you live your life, so if you are allowing readers to join up in this journey of weight loss, I'd love to be a part of it.

Tanielle said...

Oh weight loss is so much fun, isn't it. After four pregnancies I... enough said. I'm doing good though, good luck to you!

Jen said...

Oh, I thought I was the only one with laundry issues. I honestly can't remember the last time all of my clothes have been clean. Those photos look oh too familiar. Thanks for the inspiration!

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