Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wedding Quilt

When we got married, my mother-in-law made us a special heritage wedding quilt as a surprise. In every invitation that was sent, she slipped in a piece of paper with her address requesting that everyone send a piece of fabric, preferably purple or white, to be added to the quilt. It could be something new, or something from around your home (like clothing or baby blankets). The response she got was amazing, and the quilt she made - breathtaking!

Isn't her heart watercolor quilt design beautiful? Purple is my absolute favorite color! Pretty much everything I own is purple, so this matches every room of my house :-) It's the most beautiful purple quilt ever!

She wanted us to know where each piece of fabric came from, so she made a scrapbook for us! Every page displays a piece of the fabric contributed, along with the story of where it came from.

Would you like to sit down with me and flip through my wedding quilt album? Great!

Y'all knew I was a videographer, right? :-) Hope some of you found this interesting. If you quilt, this is a gift you can make for someone that they will cherish forever!

If you're not a quilter, see my post about making a keepsake wedding candle instead.

And y'all let me know if you have any picture montages or mini-videos you need edited. My prices are very reasonable, and there's nothing like having a professional montage of pictures to play at a rehearsal dinner, or give as a special gift.


That Girl said...

what a great idea!

Shannon said...

That is a beautiful quilt that your mother-in-law made for you! It is so nice to see all of your family and friends contribute to it as well. I love the scrapbook that she made for you. What a nice way to remember everyone that was at your wedding.
We are in the process of doing something similar for our (yet to be matched with) daughter that we are in the process of adopting. The quilt is mostly finished, we are just waiting for our referral so we can add her photo to the center of the quilt.
I was unsure how to go about making the scrapbook with the fabric pieces (and the wishes that some people sent with it) but seeing this post has given me some inspiration now. Looks like it is time to get started on it. Thanks for the reminder to get my butt going on this.


Rebekah said...

That seriously has to be one of the coolest wedding ideas I've heard of. And what a result! Wow! And to have the stories of each piece to go along with it. I wish I'd thought of it! :) Since I don't plan to get married again, I guess I'll have to file this idea away for my daughter's wedding... Lord, may it be many, many, MANY years away! :) (She's just 2 1/2!) On the other hand, that gives me a long, long time to learn to quilt. ;)

Wendy @ The Shabby Nest said...

I was sifting through old comments today, and found your comment on my mudroom post. I'm so glad I inspired you!!!

Jen said...

What a beautiful gift and the time that was put makes even more special!


Jen said...

So tired- sorry about my above errors! What I meant was the time that was put into it makes it even more special.

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts said...

That's amazing!!! The quilt alone is a huge feat, and then to add the scrapbook to it?? Incredible. That's completely awesome!