Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitchen Inspiration

When I first got married, our kitchen was "diner themed", so everything was red and black. I wanted a change that included a lot of color, and then I found these pictures for inspiration:

So I'm sure you guys all saw the amazing giveaway dishes on The Nester and Southern Hospitality. They made me drool! (aahhddddrgggrhhh)

But they did something more important than making me drool... they made me see how to be able to incorporate all my red and black stuff in my new colorful kitchen! Ta-da! (This is very important because I can't buy all new stuff) Plus, I was already putting bible verses on all my dishes! I sure wish I had won one of those giveaways! Doesn't that bum you out??? Well... it doesn't have to! Know why? Because we can paint on our own dishes, ladies! Check out my "new" water pitcher:

I found this water pitcher at Goodwill last fall for $2.99, and loved it! It already had the colorful stripes, but I got inspired and painted the bible verse on myself! Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe! Want to know how I did it? With Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints. They're awesome. You can get them at your local craft store in paint or paint-marker form. You paint on your own dishes, and then bake them in your regular oven to set it. They turn out looking and feeling very professional. See my post about when I painted the rest of my dishes here.

The bible verse I used on my water pitcher was 1Cor 10, 31:

So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God.

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Rebekah said...

Way to use those talents to bless your family and make your home more beautiful! I *love* that "EAT!" kitchen!