Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Closet Powwow Delayed!

Here's the deal you guys... I have company coming in this weekend (and you've all seen how badly I lost control of my house last week) so having our closet powwow on Sunday is NOT going to happen. I've delayed it until March 5! I totally need the extra time to get my closets in order!!!

So show up March 5th with your closet posts! I'll be waiting to powwow with you! :-)

The thought of linking up at the Closet Powwow is all that keeps me going. Otherwise, I'm sure I would surrender into another month of closet chaos! Thanks for keeping me going, guys!

PS. Happy Ash Wednesday! What are you guys giving up for Lent???


Messy Jessy said...

I so need the extra time too!
I was about to hang my head in defeat of the March 1st deadline. Now, there is hope...

michelle twitty said...

ALL my closets need it, but the thought scares me!

Sharon said...

Uh. I hate clutter, but get intimidated when it comes to organizing.

What will the March chore/task be?

For Lent we're going to give up pizza as a family, and drink only water on Fridays. My dh & I plan to pray the rosary together nights he is home, and my 4yo is doing the Rice Bowl to fill w/ change.
I also plan to take them to Living Stations of the Cross for the 1st time this year.

How about you?

Xazmin said...

I'm gonna do it! Count me in for the closet powwow - now I have a deadline so hopefully that will kick my butt into gear!

Jen said...

I just learned about this POW WOW, so I'm glad that it is being delayed. I started tonight with the bathroom closet- whew! I still have a lot of work to be done, but I had to stop so my girlies could get some sleep.

Creative and Curious Kids!

The Housley's said...

I'm giving up giving up things. :-) LOL ... oh, I guess I should choose something a little more difficult huh ... like cleaning? Nah ... that won't work either ... dang. Can't wait to see your finished closet!