Monday, March 2, 2009

Shhhh! Baby is Sleeping!

At one point in our journey through college, my husband, daughter and I were living in a house with another married couple, a graduate student, a huge Irish sheep dog, and only 1 bathroom. Yep, I'm pretty glad college is behind us...

Anyway, with this many people in one house, I needed a way to let people know when my baby was napping so they would keep it down. So one afternoon I made this sign:

I just used some scrapbooking paper and letter stickers. This side said "sleeping", the other side said "awake". I put it in a clear sheet protector, and tied an extra piece of extra ribbon through the holes, then thumb tacked it to the door. I just turned it to sleeping during her nap, and back to awake when she was done!


Tanielle said...

Love the idea!! I hate it when the other kids wake up the sleeping little ones. Have a great Monday!!!

Jen said...

That's a great idea! You are very clever.

Creative and Curious Kids!

Sharon said...

It's very cute!
And WOW! That IS a house-full from your college days.
Did the people respect that?
I hate when others have no regard for a sleeping child, especially when it's so hard to get the child to sleep!