Friday, January 30, 2009

Stowing Secret Identity Papers - January Round-Up!

The most unorganized person in the world (with a New Year's resolution to bring change to herself and her family) is becoming more organized by the day! That person is me, The Masked Mommy! But my secret identity is having a little trouble keeping up... Thank goodness I have The Organizing Junkie keeping tabs on me ;-)

My 3 biggest domestic downfalls...

  1. Laundry
  2. Dishes
  3. Paperwork
I have the dishes under control (well... mostly :-). The laundry should be done by the end of the month in time for my Laundry Party (hopefully). And NOW I have come up with a new organizing system for my paperwork! Yay!

How stupid is it that last year we had our electricity cut off with thousands of dollars in our bank account? Stupid! That kind of thing happens to me all the time!

So here's my new mail center:

I'm making a really big effort to instantly toss all the junk. The back pocket is the "inbox". This includes everything that's not sorted yet. Then there's 2 more sections. One section is the "outbox" (things that need to be mailed or filed). The third section... that's where I had my stroke of genius. I keep everything I need to pay bills. EVERYTHING.

Bill Book (see below)

My entire adult life I have kept a "Bill Book". Each bill gets its own page. In my book, I have one page each labeled: Rent, Electric, Phone/Internet, My Student Loans, Hubby's Student Loans, and Insurance. Each page includes every piece of information I might need to pay that bill. Everything. Including our bank account numbers. The fact is that sometimes I need to pay a bill over the phone fast, and I can't find our debit cards or check book here. We're talking major disorganization. So keep up with your bill book.

I also record each payment in my bill book. Just a simple record of how much I paid, and what day it was. This is also where I write the confirmation number if I'm paying by phone.

I've also decided that Wednesday is my "paperwork" day. Every Wednesday, I have to go through my mail sorter, fill out whatever needs it, and empty the "outbox". I am so proud of me!!!

See my post on how to make your own custom mail sorter!

*Paperwork Tips for the Overwhelmed*

  1. "Virtually Eliminate" paper mess completely! Sign up for email bank statements, bills... whatever you can. Then cut the paper bills off for good!

  2. Reserve a place where you can pile all the mail. It's ideal to think you'll toss the junk instantly, but we all know your DH (darn husband) isn't going to play by these rules!

  3. Buy Forever stamps! If you're anything like me, random stamps turn up because they weren't used in the order they were bought. So do yourself a favor. Forgo the adorable stamps and stick with what works... Forever stamps all the way!
Don't forget to come by and link up your laundry post (old or new) February 1-3! Posting your link enters you to win this month's laundry giveaway!


Kimberly said...

I love your mail center, and your little bill book! That is such a GREAT idea!!! I hate hunting for the info I need at bill paying time, and having it all handy dandy make perfect sense! :o)

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

It's a great idea to set aside a particular day to do paperwork. It's a big help in maintaining the organization.

I like your bill book idea too. I do something similar with a budget spreadsheet.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas! I cut down alot of my paperwork by having them online! That's why my filing box isn't that big! :)

Tricia said...

A bill book!! what a good idea!! I can't tell you how many times I have been on-line and decided to pay the electric bil..I go to the website and they ask for the account # and of course I don't know it..and I don't have the bill sitting right I think.."oh I'll do it later"..and then never do and then here comes the disconnect warning in the mail. *rolleyes*. a bill book I sit RIGHT HERE..would SO help with that. THANKS!

Christy @ ContemplativeMom said...

I love the bill book. I need something like this! Thanks for the great idea!

chaotic kitten said...

You are right to be proud of yourself! You've done fantastically!

Xazmin said...

Oh, I am SO getting me a bill book! And I love the mail sorter! Thanks for the tips!

Org Junkie said...

Great tips and fantastic mail centre! Where did you find it? It's beautiful :)

Sounds like you've got a good plan going forward!

Thanks for joining in!


That Girl said...
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That Girl said...

I love the red mail sorter too. where did you get that?

Anonymous said...

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