Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hero to Zero

I had all but forgotten this little ananymous blog of mine. A blog I started because I was a super slob and was trying to motivate myself to get things more under control. And now, here I am again, nearly a DECADE later... needing my mask once more.

I had a dream last night that I started a new blog called “Hero to Zero” and it actually reminded me of my hero caricature here. You see... this blog was my jumping off place. I actually became a successful professional craft blogger. I wrote books. I traveled. I spoke. Made a full time income. The whole shebang. Not here but on my “real” blog. The one without a mask. I was a “hero”. But only on the outside.

On the inside, I was struggling through life in an abusive marriage. My husband was abusive physically, psychologically, verbally, spiritually... pretty much in every way. He was controlling and me... well I was a codependent. I took care of him and the family. I lied. I hid bruises and marks. I made us seem ok to everyone else. I took care of everything. Everything but myself that is...

I have now been officially free of that toxic relationship for 580 days now, and recovery is still a struggle. A struggle that I’ve decided to start writing about.

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