Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fake Mod Podge Furniture Tutorial

I just LOVE unique furniture (and unique anything else in my house for that matter)! I really wanted to mod podge some scrapbooking paper to the inside of my newly facelifted hutch, but I didn't want to commit to it. So I came up with a removable solution :-)

Removable Furniture Decoration

Start with a piece of foam board. Mine came from the Dollar Tree. Cut it to be the same shape and size as the flat surface where you want to create your faux mod podge look. You may have to cut some nooks and crannies...

If you need to piece it together, just do it with some glue and foam board scraps like this.

This is the final shape I ended up needing. Once you have your piece cut to fit your furniture, go ahead and glue on your scrapbooking paper. I just used a glue stick, and I wasn't super particular about lining it up at the edges. Whatever ;-)

This is what you'll have. Now it's time to insert it into your furniture!

Just put it where it goes... and...

Voila! Fake Mod Podged furniture :-)

This is so simple, easy, and cheap that there's no reason not to try it! You could switch them out for the seasons- or whenever you felt like having something new to look at! Best part it- your hubby can't get upset that you did something else "weird" to one of the pieces of furniture because it's totally removable :-D


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