Monday, August 3, 2009

Organization Round Up!

In July, The Organizing Junkie challenged us to organize our hair and makeup supplies. This was a good thing for me since until last week, my bathroom wasn't even unpacked yet ;-)

Check out the difference it made!
I have a cramped little bathroom with no counter space, and then a really weird empty nook on the other side of the room. As with any good organization, it started with me figuring out what I needed to accomplish organizing the space. In this case, I needed a vanity in that nook. Luck for me, I happened to have one that's been passed down in my family for 4 generations now... so I had my hubby move it in :-)

I LOVE how having the vanity in there allowed me to eliminate the counter clutter that kept piling up around the sink!

In the vanity I designated a "Useful Drawer", and I use it for all of my hair and makeup products that I use every day. Just my tried and true fixings that are needed on a daily basis, and nothing more. It's soooooo nice to have these things separate from all my other things so when I'm getting ready on a regular morning, there's no digging or searching.

See how my make-up bag just includes the essentials? No 30 shades of eye shadow or lip sticks that I don't use all the time. Just what I need.

*Tip for the overwhelmed*
Keep your daily make-up in an easy to grab bag. This way, when you're running late to church or something, you can just grab the bag and put your make-up on in the car on the way there. Please only do this if your husband is driving. Don't powder and drive! This works wonderfully for me, the most overwhelmed superhero in the galaxy...

Now, you know all that other stuff us women have? You know, all the stuff that we don't use on a daily basis? Mostly stuff that's "too nice" to use day to day, or free samples of stuff we have that we're not quite ready for purge? That stuff has no business hanging out in the useful drawer. It belongs somewhere off to the side.

Yes, isn't it sad that I don't use my hair dryer every day? That's another important thing to remember. Be honest with yourself when designating your useful drawer. I dry my hair about once every 3 months, so my blow dryer needs to be stored accordingly. The more you use the item, the more handy it should be to grab.

When organizing little things in a drawer, be open minded about your drawer organizers. I use all kinds of things from the bottoms of cereal boxes to empty baby wipe containers. The possibilities are endless:

As long as I was organizing my bathroom, I went ahead and redid my medicine cabinet as well. I wish I had a handy dandy label maker, but they're so darn expensive! So I used yellow band-aids to label the medicine cabinet. What can I say? Easy access ;-)

My Medicine Categories:
  • Vitamins
  • First Aid
  • Pain Relievers
  • Digestive
  • Allergy, Cold & Cough

Everything I have for kids I keep in a separate box. This includes children's medicine, baby oil, bulb syringes, Q-tips, medicine dispensers, etc. Be sure to keep this out of reach if you keep medicine inside.

Check out how others rounded up their makeup and hair products over at the Org Junkie's site!

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Trina said...

Very creative with the cereal and donut box. I used to teach a workshop called digging in the trash. I provided ideas for preschool teacher to make materials and equipment for their classroom using trash.