Thursday, August 20, 2009

Let Me Count The Ways... Porch and Yard Edition

My porch is likely my favorite place in our entire farmhouse. It's peaceful, it has an amazing view, and the constant breeze is unbelievable!

However, we moved from our tiny townhouse and therefore had absolutely no furniture for our porch whatsoever. As usual, my superpower to buy practically everything in our home used came through for us once again! ;-)

1. Folding bench thing, FREE! I found this beside a dumpster outside a friend's house. It was too big to fit in my car, so I left a note on my husband's van begging him to go by and get it for me. When he was brought it home for me, it felt better than getting a bouquet of flowers! {lovey tightwad sigh}

2. Kid's Table, $4. I got this table and 3 folding chairs for 4 bucks. I'm still looking to replace it with something wooden, but it's working for now.

3. Amazing table and chairs, $30!!! This is my favorite "find" on our porch! I saw it at a yard sale, but couldn't talk the people down farther than $60. (I can't blame them. It's really a good quality set). My husband surprised me the next day by driving to their house, knocking on their door, and asking if they'd take $30! And they totally did! {another lovey tightwad sigh} The Masked Husband truly is my hero!!! (Yes, even superheros have heros) I love this table so much, here's another picture of it:

5. Kiddie Slide, FREE! Found it on the curb. You know how my saying is "it's only embarrassing to take something off the curb until you get it into your car. Then you get to keep it forever"? Well, if you take it from the house 3 doors down, it's embarrassing for longer because your neighbors know you took it. Lol!

(Do you guys love how I skipped number 4? Ok, moving on!)

6. Kiddie Swing, $5. Yard sale find. I talked them down a little. My kids love it, and it's shaped like an airplane!

7. World's largest kiddie pool, or world's smallest adult pool (however you want to look at it), $10. We got this at a yard sale 2 weekends ago, and it's been a huge hit! I don't think adult people are supposed to be excited about such a small pool... but we're easy to please around here ;-)

I love our porch and yard! And my secondhand super savvyness makes is even better!

And my favorite thing about my porch? Watching the Masked Children enjoy their yard and cheap yard sale toys from my awesome table and chairs! ;-)

I'm linking this up at the "Price My Space" party over at the Nester's.


Michelle at Her Cup Overfloweth said...

You rock! And I am totally drooling from looking at all the awesome photos of your porch and frugal finds!

Carrie said...

Visiting from the Nester's party and I almost NEVER leave comments on blogs...I'm one of those lurkers. But I had to comment because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your four-seat folding bench!! Who in th world would throw that out?? It's beautiful and cool and FREE!! Wow! Love it and love your house...what an amazing porch! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

The bench thingy looks like it might have come from a church or theatre/movie house. I absolutely LOVE them. The decorations/art work on them are just beautiful. Good Job!

Care said...

I TOTALLY love a good deal! I am a yard sale Princess... haven't reached Queen status on that yet, but I'm working on it!

Thanks for visiting my blog, fellow DSC contributor!

Jen said...

That four seat bench might be the steal of the century! I LOVE It! Did you paint it that color or was it found that way?

MyrtilleD said...

I love your porch too, it is great!

Thanks for visiting. I'm so sorry you can't make out anything on the site where i play with the blogosphere. Perhaps will it be easier for you on my other site... it got the "super blogger award" you created!

Jenn said...

Awww...I love your big porch! I need the man to build me a porch ALL the way acros the front of my house I think!!

Xazmin said...

I love your porch! It's beautiful!