Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day

Hi everyone, and welcome to reverse Works for Me Wednesday! (Where you ask for tips in stead of giving them.) Today, I'm asking for help with pranks. I want to really get my husband good this year, and I need your help!

I found some good ideas here, here, and here. I also thought this was really funny! Lol! Let me know what you think!

Also, if you have any good April Fool's Day posts, link them up below with Mr. Linky to spread the linky love :-)

Well, I actually did have one April Fool's Day idea of my own... How about creating a post with a bunch of fake links and a fake Mr. Linky to drive all your bloggy friends crazy?

Happy April Fool's Day!!! Leave me a comment to let me know if I gotcha ;-)


michelle said...

Am I the FIRST?! NO WAY! AND, your Mr.Linky was driving me crazy, until I continued reading your post. Thanks a lot! ha. I posted some April Fool's ideas yesterday, and I"m going to post pictures and the things i've done throughout the day! I just cleared out my husbands closet and put all his clothes and shoes in my closet. It was more work than I wanted it to be! haha

Jerralea said...

Ok, you got me, I tried clicking on one of your links and wondered why I couldn't get it to work!

I wasn't going to click on Mr. Linky because I can never think of anything to pull on someone. said...

LOL! I thought my mouse was stuck again!