Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby Announcements

Ok, here's the truth. My digital camera was stolen, so I can't take before and after pictures of what I've been cleaning this week :-( So I've been showing you pictures of things I did when my son was born. Continuing with that motif, here's the birth announcement we sent out!

These came in a printable kit. I got the whole box at a Ollies (the most amazing discount store ever!) for just $5.99! It included the blue paper, white paper, ribbons, and blue envelopes. All you had to do is print them and tie the ribbon... only our printer was broken. So I hand wrote all 50 of them!

This picture of him was taken by yours truly at the hospital. Then I sent off for them at Wal-mart (broken printer, remember?) only I turned the picture sideways and had 2 printed on each photo. Then they just needed one cut up the middle and, voila! Two photos for the price of 1!

My husband says he's taking me tonight to get me a new camera. If not, tomorrow I'll post about the crib set I sewed for The Masked Baby ;-)

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Brenda said...

So sorry to read that your camera was stolen! One the bright side, you get a brand new one!

I really like your announcements - especially the scalloped top and ribbon!

I have never heard of Ollies...I don't think we have one around here.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a sweet baby announcement. Your baby is adorable.

I feel so sad about your stolen camera! I would be devastated. Hope that you are able to get a new one...soon!

Pam said...

I am so sorry your camera was stolen. Your son birth announcement was stunning. I love his hair!

Clare said...

What a beautiful baby , will make you forget you had your camera stolen.

Susan said...

Sweet birth announcement! Sorry to hear about your camera, though.

Jules said...

I am really sorry about your camera! That happened to me about 2 years ago...along with all the other electronic things in my house. Someone wanted a quick several hundred dollars! Anyways, your card is really cute. Don't you just love GREAT deals? Thanks for sharing and for stopping by my place.

Leann said...

Kits can be soo wonderful1

Kelli said...

Awww....what a sweet announcement!