Friday, October 16, 2009

New Great Look; Same Great Content ;-)

I am so in LOVE with Holly over at Designs by Coffee right now! Why? Well take a look around! See my new amazing header? Holly did such a great job! Isn't my new Masked Mommy awesome?! She really looks like she's ready to kick some dust bunny butt! :-)

She also made me this awesome button! And I know all of you guys are Super Mommies too, so I want everyone to snag one! Then tell me you have it up so I can go see how awesome it looks on your blog! ;-)

Holly was amazing and was very patient while working with me. I co-designed it with her, and she was very patient with making my vision a reality. Check out the picture I sent her and then what she did with it:

In celebration of my new and amazing blog design, I have fashioned a Masked Mommy Peg Person. Check her out!

One Woman: Two Identities ;-)

I originally met Holly at her dust bunny blog, Domestic Dork, so everyone stop by to tell her how much you love my new look and what a great job she did! 

For anyone who's trying to remember, here's what my blog looked like yesterday:

New Blog Design By...

Domestic Dork


Lena Blair said...

I used to have your old button, but I just upgraded to this new ABSOLUTELY fantastic one!!!! It looks great!!!!

shortmama said...

Awesome! Now I have to switch over your new button!

maryanne said...

Great look, and love your peg doll =)

Rebekah said...

CUTE new look! And I don't think I congratulated you last week on your exciting announcement. Best wishes for a Super Powered Pregnancy! :) said...

Everything looks awesome! I *LOVE* your peg doll!