Monday, July 27, 2009

Defeating My Beast of Boxes!

The Masked Mommy strikes again, confronting her beast of boxes that remain after her chaos of a move! She attacked the massive pile of chaos faster than a... crawling... tortoise. ahem.

As you all know, we moved into a fabulous farmhouse recently. Ok, it was 3 months ago. But the unpacking is going well. When the movers (and by movers, I mean amazing friends that work for the price of a few pizza slices) left, this is what our new living room looked like:

Can anyone say "overwhelming"? Ya. But here's what I have managed to bring it to in the past few months:

But y'all know me well enough to know that on an average day, it's more likely to look like this:

I haven't done one of my typical messy posts in awhile. I've been concentrating on crafts and other fun stuff. But if any of you were thinking that I had more time for crafting because my house is under control now... hahaha! I can't even finish that sentence because I'm bent over in crazy laughter! Will I ever get my life together??? I think the answer to that question is "NO!"

Fortunately for me, when my secret identity has lost all control, my alter ego steps in and destroys the chaos that surrounds me. Do any of you ever have a day like that? You've just let the mess pile up for so long and then one day your inner self is just screaming "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!". That's when it happens for me, and I'll accomplish more than I think is humanly possible all in one day. These random bursts of super-cleaning-power are very likely to strike when I have company coming... so I strap on my mask and clean like a mad woman.

My husband is always asking me "why don't you just do a little bit every day rather than letting it pile up and become overwhelming?" My response to him... "That's just not how my superpowers work!" ;-)

Stay tuned to see if The Masked Mommy is able to destroy and demolish the remaining clutter than threatens to take over her home! Will she be be victorious in the battle between the Beast of Boxes that remain after her move? Only time will tell!

Also ~ Purple Starry Night giveaway winner to be announced tomorrow! :-D


Infant Bibliophile said...

I just emailed this to a couple of my relatives, saying that apparently I had started another blog in the middle of the night and forgotten. You can't imagine how much this sounds like me, from the recent move right down to the quilted table runner in the photo (I quilt for a hobby). I've been known to schedule parties just so that I'll clean for them. We're seriously contemplating a housewarming party just so I'll finish unpacking. Thanks for sharing. :)

Heather - - said...

I also live in a fairly cluttered state of being. It's amazing how when you DO straighten up, the toddlers that be will pull everything out and make it look chaotic in less than five minutes!

Queen Mommy said...

Love it, LOVE it, LOVE IT! It's not just ME! lol And, now it's time for me to get off the computer and tackle some of my clutter. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer said...

I need some of those super powers sent my way... :)

Christene said...

I think your average day messy picture is beautiful. That is exactly the type of thing I deal with and I wonder, when I waltz unannounced into other people's home and find them utterly spotless, how in the world they accomplish such a thing. My theory is: they don't sleep, they don't craft, or they just love cleaning like that. Whatever. There's obviously something wrong. :) Thanks again for sharing the average day. You really know how to clean, lady!