Wednesday, March 11, 2009

How To Stay On Your Diet While Traveling...

It's impossible.

All you can do is muster every ounce of will power you have available to avoid the most unhealthy of foods. Then, pray to God that you don't gain any weight until you can get home and take control again. Yep.

But here are a few ideas to help minimize the damage you do to your body while traveling.

I packed this food to travel with in the car: fat free popcorn, wheat checks, multi grain cheerios, 100 calorie bags of cookies, carrot sticks, water, and my weight watcher's calculator. My water was replaced with diet Coke at the first stop, and I didn't eat any carrot sticks :-)

Don't think to yourself that you're not going to eat while you drive on a long car trip. You are going to munch while you drive, and there's nothing you can do about that, so just try to bring some healthy stuff with you so that you don't buy chips and candy at the gas station.

Stopping for lunch? Your fast food options are pretty much between Subway or Taco Bell (and when I say Taco Bell, I mean you better be ordering from their "Fresco Menu"!) or a salad from Mickey D's, but that's impossible to eat while driving.

When you get where you're going, go grocery shopping if there are no appropriate snacks where you're staying. Don't eat Doritos and little Debbie cakes.

As for now, I'm hoping my weight has stayed the same. My mom's scale is reading more than my scale at home was, but it can be different scale to scale, right??? (Can you hear my denial about gaining back some weight?) At least I've been trying to get some exercise! :-)


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Great ideas for "on the go" snacks. I agree 100% that you should have healthy snacks on hand when you're going for a long drive. You just can't help but munch...there's nothing else to do!! It cracked me up that you replaced the water with diet soda and no carrot sticks were eaten. Sounds just like me!!

And, YES, all scales are different. Stick with the number of the one you weigh yourself with on a regular basis. Great job on sticking with the plan!!

Linda C said...

It sounds like you planned ahead, which is a big check mark in your corner! Good job!

Linda C

Tanielle said...

Great job!! It is so hard not to eat in the car. I do to stay awake...whether I am driving or not! Good luck and keep us posted!

That Girl said...

great ideas! oh and stay off that scale.....just skip it until you get home!

Xazmin said...

Hang in there! We had mini-family vacation at home this week...I'll soon be blogging about why we stayed here instead of going to Disneyland as planned.

Anyway, going out to eat every day makes it hard.

But I found a way to still actually lose weight. What you do is, the day after it's all over, you wake up sick to your stomache and have diarrhea all day.

It totally works! I lost a whole pound between 10 and 11:30 this morning!

michelle said...

At least you planned ahead and made little baggies! Let me know how your hair cut goes; when you do it! I"m already wishing I went a little shorter. haha!

theclaxtonfamily said...

Thank you for all the WONDEFUL ideas! We are heading down to Florida next week and I am trying to plan for snack foods and breakfasts in our hotel room! I really enjoy reading your site!