Saturday, January 24, 2009

Making Progress on the Organization Frontier!

I have been looking for some cheap solutions to my organizational problems, and I solved a few at the Dollar Tree yesterday! I got the little baskets for organizing drawers (they were 3 for $1!). The red stackable buckets on the right are for packages in my pantry (such as taco seasoning etc.) And the dry erase board is for the inside of my kitchen cabinet!
This little dry erase board/cork board combo came with the sticky foam to mount it, a marker, and the push pins for only $1! I promptly hung it up...

Now I have somewhere to keep to-do lists, phone numbers, etc and also a place to write down phone messages :-)


Lisa said...

Way to go on getting organized! It is hard to keep motivated but you are doing awesome and you inspire me.

Michelle Twitty said...

hey, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I love finding new blogistas and sites to check! (I see your a follower of Her Cup Overfloweth; Michelle is my cousin). You have some great organization ideas!